It includes two Charles X bookcases with many rare and important books. The large galleried library has been recently made. The paintings hanging on the walls include a portrait of the countess Alessandra Mandelli, daiting 1676.

Above the two doors, the portrait of a child by Lucia Bassani (1896-1977) and the one of an “Old Lady” by Ettore di Maria (1851-1938). Beside the window, portrait of Caterina Picchena (1602-1654).

The ceiling, the most notable in the palace, is decorated by four medallions with the portraits of the greatest Italian poets, Dante, Petrarca, Ariosto and Tasso. On the table in the centre, an outstanding Japanese lacquer and mother-of-pearl travelling escritoire. On the writing desk, an impressed porcelain (lithophane) lamp with a shade, which is the splendid and extremely rare work of the royal manufactories in Berlin.

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      During opening hours no need to book.
      Reservations are always recommended for organized groups and school trips.

      FULL TICKET: € 7.00

      FAMILY TICKET: € 15.00(2 adults + 2 students)

      REDUCED TICKET: € 5.00

      (FOR GROUPS OF MINIMUM 10 PEOPLE, UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, CHILDREN FROM 10 TO 18 YEARS, over 65 years, owners of" Volterra Card " and "Anima di Volterra").

      Seasonal opening 2023 from April 1st to November 5th.

      The extraordinary winter openings will be from 8 DECEMBER TO 10 DECEMBER (INCLUSIVE) AND FROM 27 DECEMBER TO 7 JANUARY 2024, FROM 10.30 am to 5.00 pm.

      From November 6, the Palace will be closed.