Entrance Hall

As is the case with most other rooms in the palace, the entrance hall has stencil-painted walls simulating tapestry.
An 18th-century gilt-rimmed mirror is bordered on both sides by 19 magnificent Indian miniatures on ivory; paper and wood, below, a beautiful alabaster console with a marble top. Opposite are three portraits of the Lombard school. In the umbrella stand, a small collection of parasols and antique sticks.

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      During opening hours no need to book.
      Reservations are always recommended for organized groups and school trips.

      FULL TICKET: € 7.00

      FAMILY TICKET: € 15.00(2 adults + 2 students)

      REDUCED TICKET: € 5.00

      (FOR GROUPS OF MINIMUM 10 PEOPLE, UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, CHILDREN FROM 10 TO 18 YEARS, over 65 years, owners of" Volterra Card " and "Anima di Volterra").

      Seasonal opening 2023 from April 1st to November 5th.

      The extraordinary winter openings will be from 8 DECEMBER TO 10 DECEMBER (INCLUSIVE) AND FROM 27 DECEMBER TO 7 JANUARY 2024, FROM 10.30 am to 5.00 pm.

      From November 6, the Palace will be closed.